Dienstag, 30. August 2011

All in one

So its been a while since I last updated this thing, and a lot has happened. By a lot I mean nothing important. I got a letter from the police, got a bank account, went to Berlin, got a ticket on the tram, school, and finally i went to my first Rotary meeting.

This letter from the police scared me because its a letter from the cops. and when its in german, its even more scary because you don't know what it says. well, I thought I was being fined for like, not crossing the road at a crosswalk (which actually is illegal), or sneezing, or some outrageous thing. But worse of all, I thought I was going to jail. Which I wasn't. I gave the letter to Oma (my host grandmother) and she laughed because the letter said I got what is like a social security number for me. Even though I'm only staying in the country for a year.

I got a bank account finally. I can get mulla when ever I want, which is awesome of course because I get the feeling of independence. Which I get already.

I finally made it to Berlin! I went to Potsdamer Platz, which is close to the Brandenburger Tor, and the German Parliament. But right next to the Bahnhof, is the Sony Center (which was built in Mt. Fuji's image). And the Berliner Mauer, which is one of the walls in Berlin. I think it was in between the actual Berlin wall, but I'm unclear. However, the Center is so huge, and very open. It has a big white, tent shaped dome, probably representing the summit of Mt. Fuji. Inside is basically a film museum, and about three movie theaters. And of course a four story sony store. I spent a good half hour there in the center exploring. Then, I made a go for the Brandenburger Tor and the Parliament building. As I went forth, I stumbled upon one of the many Holocaust memorials. It was much like Inception. Im not kidding, but I'll try to get pictures up somehow. Anyway, the memorial was blocks of stone, or concrete, and they went from the ground, to about 15 ft high? Well, some were very tall and grey, which made it look like Inception. And underneath was a museum. Apart from meandering my way through that endless maze of grey blocks, I made it to the Brandenburger Tor, and the Parliament building. The only interesting part of the Parliament building was the giant glass dome. Otherwise, it was boring on the outside. The Brandenburger Tor, however, was interesting. Hilko, my host brother, told me that it held the 12 trials of Hercules, by telling their stories. Those were all stone carvings that I didn't bother to decipher. It also represents victory, as does many other structures in the area. I had a quick look around, then I left.

I take back my statement about the tram being free. Its not. and I, being the dummkopf that I usually am, I was unaware that my bus pass was also my tram pass. So, I got ticketed and now I have to pay 40 euro, BUT, I can still prove that I have a ticket so I only 7 euro. Within 14 days that is.

School is school. but for the past week and a half, I've had spanish class. And wow it gives me a head ache to figure out when the teacher is speaking German, then Spanish and both sometimes. Its difficult. For me at least. There is a girl in my class that is managing Turkish, German, English, Spanish, French and I think one more. So I don't have it that bad. But I answered a problem in math! Its a beginning.

Today I attended my first Rotary meeting. I was greeted by my councilor and he spoke perfect english, was excited that I was here, introduced me to fellow Rotarians, stuff like that. Overall, he is very chill. The meeting was fun, enjoyable. It was the same atmosphere as the Rockport Rotary Club. That was comforting.

Well, that is pretty much it, uhhh I cant think of anything else right now, so I am probably going to be that person that says "I will write soon," but that soon turns into a month two.

So yeah, I'll write soon!

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