Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

I get it.

first off, after a week in school, (which still is entirely in giberish to me exept english class) i finally understand how the schedule works and the buildings work. accually the bulidings dont matter, but the schedule does. so. there is on each 11th and 12th grade schedule, the courses that each pupil chose. they are put into a set schedule. so its totaly not what im used to back in Rockport where the blocks are slot machines changing on me in a random order everyday. so. we start with the blocks:
there are 5, hour and a half long blocks each day. and the block depends on the week. there is A week, and B week. in this mess are the courses: there are two intensive courses that are what you want to do after school and university. the student has them 5 times in a 2 week period and usually appear in the morning blocks. they are like honors level classes. then come the ground courses, which are just regular paced courses. they are 3 and sometimes 4 times in a two week period. the courses i have are phyics, geography, maths, spanish, history (which sadly isnt all U.S so im most deffinetly am going to have to take a summer course), computer science, which is......not worth explaining because it doesnt make sence to me. why? because its all about programs and systems, which i have never learned about. then art, german, and then sport. and in order to get a grade in sport, it depends on how fast you run, how far you run, partisapation in a game, or in my case how far you can throw a shotput.
so there are the classes, but what if you have no class. that means that you have a free block! and can go anywhere you like. and by that, i mean on or off campus. you can go home, go to the mall, the supermarket, random fruit stand, anywhere. then get back in time for class. and luckily i have one in the morning every week, and one every two weeks. so can get my sleep.

second, the trams are fun, free of charge, and you can get anywhere on them.

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