Sonntag, 18. September 2011

And then, it hit.

for all my fellow readers, i am sorry i havent written in a while, and i am terribly sorry i have not posted any photos. procrastination is a very bad thing, and i am try to stop. i will give every one proof that i am in germany and not living under some tree in the woods or in the basement at home.
  ok, now to buisness.
 hopefully everyone should know where the title of this post is from, and if you dont know, or have just forgotten, it is from the rudolf the red nose reindeer christmas classic, when the blizzard hit and christmas was canceled. well, i have a comparison for this frase. this past weekend, i was north of berlin in a town called Neuroppin, and it was with all the exchange students from the district. and my god are there a lot. at least 60. there is at least 16 americans and that made me very happpy. everyone met and instantly became friends because we all knew what each other was going through. like exactly; we had similar problems, similar past time hobbies here, and im not going to list them all. once i got to know everyone, it hit. the feeling that, im not in kansas anymore, which i already knew, but it wasnt as big as a feeling when i first got here. its a realization. but i think only exchange students and x-exchange students would know what this feeling is like. and now the weekend is over, and we all had to say good bye, i got this feeling of need, company of my own kind so to speak. i felt lonely because the only people that understood and got what each other was going through were all gone. i dont like this feeling and if any other exchange students are reading this, i think you know what im talking about. i hate this feeling, as eveyone hated christmas being canceled, but there is always that bright light shining through the fog and the clouds of emotion to find a way to comfort and happiness that each and everyone of us are pursuing. and once we have found that level of comfort and happiness, we will just sink right in and be a piece of a puzzle so it can all fit together.
so yeah, thats my spiel about this stuff and im going to go sleep. gutten nacht.

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