Sonntag, 7. August 2011


        I`ve finally traveled to Potsdam! I thought the city was small, but it is sehr groß! my legs by the end of my time spent there, I could barely stand! (I thought I would miss my ride back home) Aber, das Stadt ist sehr schön. I started off at the Hofbahnhof Potsdam (head train station of Potsdam) and saw Nikolai-Kirche. The inside was very huge and empty, but very interesting. I then embarked on an uncharted mission, even though i had a map, to find the Park Sanssouci. After purchasing Schokolade Eis it was so good!), I walked through what looked like the Triumphal Arch and found the park. Inside was a maze, but i found my way to a magnificent Schloss. Schloss Sanssouci, one of the 13 castles in Potsdam. A great fountain below, and the Schloss over looking it. The steps up were like the ones in Rocky, there were so many! but i had a look around, and made my way back.
         The one thing that I saw and thought was so amazing, is that everyone uses a bike. And I mean, EVERYONE - young to very old. And at outside seating at a restaraunt, people put their coasters on top of their drinks (very clever).

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