Samstag, 13. August 2011


yes, i will be now starting the long difficult road of German school. on Monday, which is in 2 days, i will be traveling by bus, train, legs to get there. and every weekday following it. my school is in Potsdam, and is one of the many schools there. it is double the size of Rockport High and it has 4 floors and looks like a giant H.

how students find where they have their classes, is what i think is difficult (obviously) is by the number on the classroom door. oh, and each floor has it´s own subject. so one floor has science, one has maths, one has language, and so on. so back to the doors. the first numeral is what floor it is. so 1. then the next one is a mystery to me, and then the last numeral is numbers 1-8. i still dont get it.

 and the schedule. oh, my god it is a nightmare. im not going to explain it. maybe when i know how to understand it, then ill explain. or not.

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