Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

Just something I thought of at 3 in the morning......

        i just recently watched "Midnight in Paris" and it tells a story about a young writer who wants nothing more, then to live in Pairs in the 20's. he then travels back into what he thinks is the "golden era." whilst in that time, he meets some interesting characters and they all play a role, but when meeting one in particular, that characters divulges what she thinks is the "golden era." then more characters pitch in their ideas of what they think is the "golden era." it turns out to be that our protagonist thinks that the 1920's is the golden age, but others beg to differ. one says that she would rather spend her days in the 1870's or so, then her friends think it is in the Renaissance time.
        what i saw here in this film is that different people of different times think that about 80 or so years in the past, or when a new era or even an eon washes over like a wave, it was the hot spot in our time line. and in the specific place where someone wants to go, lets say to the 20's for an example; the people there would think you are mad to think that here, in their time, is the time to live in. then they would tell you that the time to live in is in their past. it would end up going all the way back to where civilization began if the mind set would aloud.
        what im trying to get at here, is that in about 80 years or so, people are going to look back upon this decade, or even this year and say, "i wish i could go back in time and live there and have loads of fun." don't we all want that? just to be with our favorite friends, our family and just have fun with one another? well, i propose two choices. one, we can all lay down our hats and say, ahhhh screw it. it just another year, or throw the towel in, as my late teacher used to say. or, we could all have one hell of a year that people would not take to forgetting about. and would want, and hope to return to our time and live in our way of life. well, of course some would say that some of our lives are boring and should live like "we used to."
      so heres my point. why not make this year the best year anyone could imagine. imagine, that is one word that can create anything in our minds. and why not? we can create a better future, and we can create a better lifestyle for all of us. let's make 2012 one good f-ing year people!!

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old lang syne?

For auld auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne.
We'll take a cup of kindness yet, 
for auld lang syne.

Have a wonderful New Year everyone!



Samstag, 24. Dezember 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!! i hope each and every one of you will have a great christmas and holiday week.
me on the other hand, im going skiing so ill post with picture and all that.

O Tannenbaum

on the 23rd of december, my neighbor, his son and i went out to get his and my host families christmas trees. however, we did that by rowing across the lake that is next to the house. the rowboat could fit about 6 persons so it was a decent size. the way over way was actually very warm and there was no wind so it was smooth. it was my second time out on the lake, the first time it was fall and the foliage was at its best. but what do you know, i forgot the camera. but here are some photos:

ANYWAYS, we didnt cross the lake and chop one down (which i hoped to do, but it would have been illegal), we went to a tree lot. no, it wasnt on the water, it was across a busy street. so the trees there are not the 7, 8 footers that im used to. they are about 2 meters, or  about 6 feet tall. it surprised me, so i wondered if the world is running short of trees. here is a picture of the trees:
The trees

FACT: every year in Germany, 25,000,000 christmas trees are sold. 25 MILLION!! i was blown away by that. i mean, so much for "going green."
in the lots there is kind of a rating system, where depending on what the value or condition of the tree is.
Here are the prices, and if its a "T" tree, then its a good one

but we purchased two very nice looking trees that are about my height, and rowed back home.

now its all decorated and up on a stool so it can tower over all of us. we decorated it with ornaments and candles:

and now, on christmas eve, it is lit:

Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011


      about a week ago it was my host brother's birthday. i got offered to go to a Hertha Berlin game (its pronounced hair-T-a. "th" is pronounced like a "tt" sound in Deutschland). Hertha is a Füßball team in the second Bundesliga (league). their games are played in the Olymipiastadion in west Berlin. if you didn't know, the stadium was used in the 1936 summer Olympics, in two Fifa World Cups, the German Cup, and many more events. it is so cool inside,  the atmosphere is soooooo amazing!! and since it is an open stadium, it was very cold. we were sitting, so the cold was even worse.

     during a Füßball game here in Germany or Europe for a larger scale, there are no load speakers urging the crowd on with chants, there are the fan mobs shouting, screaming and singing them. there is no music like the you might here at a baseball game, or a basketball game, there is only the music of the crowd. it is a sight to see. and when they start to jump, oh my god it is cool. it is like that section of the stadium is one breathing creature, all of them moving as one. then they incorporate giant flags, signs and what not. sometimes, there are the random fires that "suddenly appear" in the stands. and sometimes they are the color of the team: red, green, blue, purple, orange, etc. they only do that when someone scores a goal (TÜR!!!) or they win or do something else. its all so very crazy. 

     in Babelsburg, which is a suburb of Potsdam, and there is a Füßball team. i go to as many games as i can get to with my host brother and friends. but i usually go to the crazy fan mob section because it is WAY more fun then just sitting. i have learned most of the cheers, both english and german. the object is to shout and sing louder than the opposing team. it concludes with a horse voice the next day. but it is worth it. and when Babelsburg gets a goal, the mob goes crazy. every time i have to hold on to something or someone because i would get trampled by random drunk people. 

     as i watch the games on tv, and live on the field, there is one thing that i find absurd. all European soccer players are drama queens. all of them. they get touched, they immediately fall on the ground as if they have some mortal wound. it is really funny, but sometimes its just plain stupid. 


The outside of the stadium.

Hertha fan mob.

Hertha fan mob.
Hertha fan mob.

Sharlke fan mob (biggest fan community
in all of the Bundesliga). And here is an example
of "fires that suddenly appear."


Hertha scores!

Playing the game.

Hertha fan mob.

Kicking the ball.

Might have been a corner kick.

Great view.

Shalke fan mob.

Hertha fan mob with scarfs up high.

Herth fan mob.


Number 7 is Raul, from Spain. He is one of the best soccer players.

Sharlke scores again.

Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

Weihnachtsmarkt im Duetschland

hi! sorry i haven't written about anything in a while.
in the next few posts, there will be a lot of info about what i have done in the past few weeks starting with this one. so, without further adieu, i will dictate to you all what my adventures and findings have been.

in Germany, there are the infamous christmas markets. they are so fun to go to. (it is like fiesta for those gloucester, ma folk) they consist of many stalls of accessories, lanterns, glass animals, hats, gloves, wooden toys (like the ones in waldorf), glühwine, which very tasty, christmas carols playing from the pine boughs and streamers spanning across the street. and there is SO. MUCH. FOOD. there is so much good food there. there are these fried dough balls with powdered sugar on top, and it is soooooo delicious. of course there are the bratwurst which is always good, then the candy stalls with literally gummy everything, and candied apples and cotton candy, and these giant cookies with writing on them. for the record, i think they are a waste of money; and much, much more.

so enough of the food.
there are two kinds of markets. the modern, and the old fashioned. at the more modern christmas markets, there are small amusement park rides. but in every one, there is a ferris wheel. in some, there are huge ones, but in the one in Potsdam, Germany, it is pathetically small.  there are so many markets in Berlin. they are all very interesting (at the end of this i will put up pictures. have no fear). so on to the old fashioned ones. its all the same, but no rides. the one i went to i had to pay, which was ridiculous. its was small, had all the same vendors as everyone else, but there were actual restaurants constructed inside the complex. there was a live nutcracker ballet performing. i think there were about 5 actors/tresses. it got boring so we left.

hold on, hold on, time out. i just want everyone to know that i just had one of the best dinners in a long time. it was mashed potatoes with green beans wrapped in i want to say bacon, yeah it was bacon. it was also with sausage and salad. it was so good.

ok back to where i was.
so christmas markets are very cool, it is unique german culture. the germans celebrate christmas way different then anyone else. its cool, and fun to walk around in. but i have to say, the most creepiest things about these markets, are the talking, and singing animals around the area, or street where the market is established. i hate them. in Potsdam, there's a giant talking moose head which scares the crap out of most everyone. and he also has very bad english.
oh! there is also a guy who dresses up as St. Nikolaus and traps people into taking a picture with him, then purchasing the picture. i don't like him.
here are the pictures:

Potsdam Christmas Market

Potsdam Christmas Market

Potsdam Christmas Market
When The Sun Is Down

I still don't know what this is
called, but its cool

The city of Berlin by while on a ferris wheel.

Christmas Market at Alexander Platz

And, here is one of those creepy talking animals.
This one is especially creepy because one eye is shut. Its a
drunk mouse
and one of my friends posted this on facebook. its the contrast of the english and german languages. i find it funny:

Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011

Today was just one of those days

i went to a concentration camp today. very depressing, but interesting to actually be standing in one. the camp is a little larger than 5 soccer fields, and it is filled with bunks, wash houses, work places. most of all, it was raining the whole time. so it really set a mood for our tour. sadly, i forgot my camera so i have no photos of the place. the name is Sachsenhausen. it was one of the first to be built.

i missed my train.

just kidding........

i woke up this morning very, VERY tired, and i went downstairs to eat some breakfast. i get the milk for my cereal and a juice cup. i'm so tired i pour the milk into my cup, instead of into my cereal.
next i told myself; GO TO BED ON TIME.
good night people of the world. sleep well.

Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

For the win!

my school has smart boards now. it would be the first time for me experiencing this. it is phenomenal. and it is very, very entertaining. physics is now fun

Mittwoch, 30. November 2011



Shock and Awe Part 7 The End

thanksgiving was great! it was very fun and the food was amazing. when we were about to put the turkeys into the oven, we covered them in bacon. probably the BEST idea ever. it tasted so good. we also had assorted other dishes, but im not going into that at the moment. it would make me too hungry.
NOW TO FINISH THIS..................

as we made our way from the Tower we passed many great buildings like the library, some golden domed church. and we went into the metro and saw a plastic statue of the "Thinker." here's a picture of the station:
the station
i think it was near a university. but anyway, we went through a couple of markets, and walked some ways before we saw this:
First view of Notre Dame
i have to say this is one cool cathedral. its not ginormous, its the statues and the interior that is interesting. and of course the gargoyles along the rim of the cathedral. we got to the front and we were told we had 20 mins. 
next will be "20 mins" in pictures:
The front

The gargoyles 

One of the side hallways

A public mass or something, but there ist viele loiter

The giant rose window. So cool

A model, and a guy photo bombing 
From the side

Twilight shot
I had to make it look cool

after our "20 mins" and waiting around for a while, we made our way to the restaurant we went to the night before. we were all expecting a good meal to end off the trip. they served greasy chicken, and some side dish. everyone started at the chicken, but as we cut it open (there were bones to) we uncovered raw, bloody chicken. it was legit raw. it was a total disappointment, but i think the dessert was ok. (fyi i do NOT have salmonella) no one finished it. 

we boarded the bus and made our way toward Germany. home. i mean, it felt like home when we stopped at a rest stop. i was so relived to see everything in german. i almost talked french to the cashier. then it was a smooth ride back. and i will tell you, the floor is the most comfy. it really is. i got a really good nights sleep, and so does the person who was sitting next to you. 
we arrived back at Ostbahnhof, we said our long goodbyes to the people we wouldn't see again, and people we wouldn't see for a long time, then said the regular goodbyes, "see you tomorrow" or something like that. and then, there was one. 

WELL, that pretty much sums everything up. i hope you have enjoyed my explanation of my trip into Paris!

(not continuing............)

Donnerstag, 24. November 2011


i'm a bit hungry right now, so i decided to write this in honor of my country's infamous holiday Thanksgiving. no, it is not an info sesh about how this day came to be. sorry to disappoint who ever thought i would do that. that is Google's job.

well, when i woke up today, it felt like any other day of the year, just knowing that in 6 hours or so the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was going to start and i'm not able to watch it with my family, or have dinner with them at 2 p.m.; because in the US Thanksgiving dinner is is in the early afternoon for some reason. i went to school thinking at least some one person would wish me a happy turkey day, but no one did. i was expecting no one to do that though. and even more surprising, no one mentioned it in my english class. well, enough of my wining. today i will not have the traditional dinner on thursday. i will instead be having it tomorrow, on friday with most of the US exchange students in the area plus some others. we are going to try to make it as american as we can, but there is one thing that is a slight problem. in the supermarkets there is chicken, ham, duck, goose, other whole animals (i'm not sure about that.) but i haven't seen a turkey. i'm afraid that we might have to switch to goose or duck. it would be an embarrassment to tradition, but people to have turduckin (i am NOT going into that)
anyway, i just wanted to wish all the people in the US and are from the states, a great and plentiful Thanksgiving. eat hearty my friends.

Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

Shock and Awe Part 6

Turkey Day is coming up!!! and yes, i will be having Thanksgiving here, along with some 15 or so other Americans. and some foreigners who are hungry for more culture.


the night came and went, and before our eyes was the sun soaring through the sky. and we, the 100+ Rotary exchange students, still occupied France. it was a sad day in our lives. we all knew it in our minds, but would not speak a word about leaving. we had our breakfast, packed our things and loaded the bus. we said our good byes to the hotel, and got on the bus.
(for this part, imagine a fireside chat. (the fireside chat setting- me, in a big comfy chair next to a roaring fire with a mantel piece strewn with random items, and filled book shelves in the background.) (oh and i'm probably drinking something out of a wine glass))
hi. i'm Mr. Exchange Student. and the mood that i just set in that last paragraph was dull, sad, not optimistic. well, i hope you don't take that seriously, because it was joke. thank you for your time reading this nonsense that i decided to put into this blog.
we were on our way to spend a good portion of our last day with the Eiffel Tower!
we approached the complex the same as we did the night before. they again gave us the "don't do stupid things" lecture. then, we were free to go as we please. first thing i obviously wanted to do, was to climb to the top of the Tower. i went with other people who had the same state of mind as i did. thankfully we had one of the two french exchange students with us. instead of spending 45 min to an hour in line, we asked one of the security guys where a better entrance would be. and we got a great answer. he told us to go to the south gate i think. when you are underneath, which is very cool by the way, and you are looking to the park beyond, it is the far left pillar. i'm still not sure. but we only waited 20 min in line, and the ticket was in the vicinity of 15 euros. i will next show pictures instead of describing the way up in words.
Making our way toward the Tower

View from the bottom up

The way to the top, and yes
that man is plastic

View from inside the elevator

They definitely used Google Translate
and then my friends, we made it. to the second floor:
We have that much left
to go.

The view
after our roundabout tour, we boarded another elevator that brought us the the third floor!

it was even better than the second floor! (more pictures!!!)
I give you, the city of Paris 
A loooooooong way
down (river side)

More Paris

Even more Pairs

A loooooooong way down
(park side)

It keeps going, and going, and going

If you look really closely, you
can see the statue of liberty

the Arc
it was like being back in the White Mountains of New Hampshire again, seeing forever the hills and other mountains, but here it was houses, buildings, parks, streets, alleys, restaurants, churches, cathedrals, towers; it seemed to go into oblivion. my friends and i stayed up at the top for a while, admiring Paris. then the wind started up so it got very cold. we made our decent soon after another round of the top. 
after we reached ground level, we made our way to the park where we were going to meet the rest of our group. 
Shot from the park (one of my best)

when we all grouped back together, we went on our way toward Notre Dame. 
(next post. i would like to incorporate Notre Dame with this post, but its too late, and i want to post this one now.)

here is one of my favorite pictures i took from the top. 
Telescope lens Notre Dame shot. Oh yeah, that
just went down

(to be continued..................)