Samstag, 14. April 2012

im off once again!

im back! well, just for today then i embark on an amazing tour around Europe!!
the stops are:


we will tour for just about 3 weeks. in a bus. i cant wait. i will try to update this thing while im traveling, and it will be difficult to do that. so until then, Aufweidersehen!!

now here is a picture from the Berlin Aquarium:

Sonntag, 18. März 2012



so i just woke up from my hibernation. i would have to say, it was warmer than any other winter i've ever seen. this previous weekend has been in the high 20˚C so its been pretty warm out. i had breakfast outside for the first time in a looooong time. it was nice. i hope everyone has had a good winter and a good St. Patrick's Day, and gearing up for spring!

here is a picture i took a couple of weeks ago.

Greifswald, Deutschland

Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

AFC Championship Game is tonight!!! The New England Patriots vs. The Baltimore Ravens. this is the game people. this game decides who goes on to Super Bowl XLVI, and who goes home. for those who don't know me, i am a Pats fan. here in Deutschland, it is difficult to find any other fans, or native New Englanders. But some of the Germans here favor the Patriots over others, so im not alone. i believe that The Patriots will find a way to sore higher then the The Ravens, and penetrate their weak spots. The Patriots have done it many times before, and one more win couldn't hurt. 


Ravens/Pats (Pats are the better choice)

Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Skiing Part 2

we were there on the mountain above the town of Scoul for 5 days; 4 straight days skiing. now are more pictures! but these first 5 are never before seen by man. why are they never before seen? because they are NOT on Facebook. why are they not on Facebook? because once they are on Facebook, then they will be there forever and they will be Facebook's property. why do i say that, because i listen to my mother, and she knows what's up.

so here they are:

and now ones that are on Facebook:

This one has such a great view, and it has awesome trials. the powder here is superb.

I felt like editing this one. cool?

People hike up the mountain then ski down as you can see the tracks. I sadly didn't get
the opportunity because there had been recently many avalanches.

This here is the best powder i have ever skied on. The legs
kill afterward, but its totally worth it.

I really like this one because you can see on and on into the distance. but the lift here is called a "Schlaufe lift" meaning hanger lift. ( it looks like a clothes hanger) But i have a different name for it. I call it the Schlampe lift. it means bitch lift because i had so much trouble riding up it. I once fell off and gave up and climbed all the way back up. I therefore hiked the Alps. 

The first star

The moon and its accompanying star

The moon. From what looks like the surface of the moon.

This was our final day on the mountain. I kid you not, this is all snow and cloud that you are seeing. 

The Swiss flag

A better example of how snowy it was. You can actually see something,

This is the map of the mountain we were on. 

The town of Scoul

Over the misty mountains
and that concludes this post. all i have to say is go ski the Alps. if you are not a skier, then try snowboarding (but skiing is better) or just go and gaze at these earth made colossuses. so, see ya!

Montag, 9. Januar 2012

Skiing Part 1

Hello people! since it has been vacation from Christmas until after New Years, and now school has started, i have "taken a break" from writing the blogs. well except for the one about new years. but now im gonna talk skiing.

it was about 12 am christmas morning and im still awake contemplating whether to get sleep or just stay up. the reason for that is at about 1:30 am we would climb into the car and stroll straight into the Swiss Alps. pretty exciting huh. i cant thank my family enough for the amazing experience i had. damn, i want to go back.

 SO ANYWAY.........

we get in the car and the last thing i remember before waking up again is driving down my dark cobblestone street. after that i continuously drifted on and off from sleep seeing only the sleeping bag i was resting my head on and the dark world at what ever hour it was. then finally i arose and i was close to deaf because of the altitude we were at and i gazed out the window:
What I woke up to
and i stayed awake to witness some of the grandest mountain ranges of the world (more pictures):

Sun rising over the mountains

A better view of it

the four of these are from about 6-7:30 ish am. i could not keep my eyes off the mountains. they are nothing like i have ever seen. nothing like New Hampshire. the White Mountains are wimps to these giants. 

the surroundings kept changing and there are these really long tunnels that cut straight through a mountain. here is a picture:
It just goes on forever

after many tunnels, we came out into the mountains where we would be spending the next few days. 

so here, it is just going to be pictures explaining my trip with the exception of side notes. if i described it all in words, i would have a novel. here it goes: 

Just a small village

The ride up

One of the views

That is the hut i stayed in


The sun was setting. 
more pictures coming right up!

to be continued.........

Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

Just something I thought of at 3 in the morning......

        i just recently watched "Midnight in Paris" and it tells a story about a young writer who wants nothing more, then to live in Pairs in the 20's. he then travels back into what he thinks is the "golden era." whilst in that time, he meets some interesting characters and they all play a role, but when meeting one in particular, that characters divulges what she thinks is the "golden era." then more characters pitch in their ideas of what they think is the "golden era." it turns out to be that our protagonist thinks that the 1920's is the golden age, but others beg to differ. one says that she would rather spend her days in the 1870's or so, then her friends think it is in the Renaissance time.
        what i saw here in this film is that different people of different times think that about 80 or so years in the past, or when a new era or even an eon washes over like a wave, it was the hot spot in our time line. and in the specific place where someone wants to go, lets say to the 20's for an example; the people there would think you are mad to think that here, in their time, is the time to live in. then they would tell you that the time to live in is in their past. it would end up going all the way back to where civilization began if the mind set would aloud.
        what im trying to get at here, is that in about 80 years or so, people are going to look back upon this decade, or even this year and say, "i wish i could go back in time and live there and have loads of fun." don't we all want that? just to be with our favorite friends, our family and just have fun with one another? well, i propose two choices. one, we can all lay down our hats and say, ahhhh screw it. it just another year, or throw the towel in, as my late teacher used to say. or, we could all have one hell of a year that people would not take to forgetting about. and would want, and hope to return to our time and live in our way of life. well, of course some would say that some of our lives are boring and should live like "we used to."
      so heres my point. why not make this year the best year anyone could imagine. imagine, that is one word that can create anything in our minds. and why not? we can create a better future, and we can create a better lifestyle for all of us. let's make 2012 one good f-ing year people!!

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old lang syne?

For auld auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne.
We'll take a cup of kindness yet, 
for auld lang syne.

Have a wonderful New Year everyone!



Samstag, 24. Dezember 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!! i hope each and every one of you will have a great christmas and holiday week.
me on the other hand, im going skiing so ill post with picture and all that.