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Shock and Awe Part 7 The End

thanksgiving was great! it was very fun and the food was amazing. when we were about to put the turkeys into the oven, we covered them in bacon. probably the BEST idea ever. it tasted so good. we also had assorted other dishes, but im not going into that at the moment. it would make me too hungry.
NOW TO FINISH THIS..................

as we made our way from the Tower we passed many great buildings like the library, some golden domed church. and we went into the metro and saw a plastic statue of the "Thinker." here's a picture of the station:
the station
i think it was near a university. but anyway, we went through a couple of markets, and walked some ways before we saw this:
First view of Notre Dame
i have to say this is one cool cathedral. its not ginormous, its the statues and the interior that is interesting. and of course the gargoyles along the rim of the cathedral. we got to the front and we were told we had 20 mins. 
next will be "20 mins" in pictures:
The front

The gargoyles 

One of the side hallways

A public mass or something, but there ist viele loiter

The giant rose window. So cool

A model, and a guy photo bombing 
From the side

Twilight shot
I had to make it look cool

after our "20 mins" and waiting around for a while, we made our way to the restaurant we went to the night before. we were all expecting a good meal to end off the trip. they served greasy chicken, and some side dish. everyone started at the chicken, but as we cut it open (there were bones to) we uncovered raw, bloody chicken. it was legit raw. it was a total disappointment, but i think the dessert was ok. (fyi i do NOT have salmonella) no one finished it. 

we boarded the bus and made our way toward Germany. home. i mean, it felt like home when we stopped at a rest stop. i was so relived to see everything in german. i almost talked french to the cashier. then it was a smooth ride back. and i will tell you, the floor is the most comfy. it really is. i got a really good nights sleep, and so does the person who was sitting next to you. 
we arrived back at Ostbahnhof, we said our long goodbyes to the people we wouldn't see again, and people we wouldn't see for a long time, then said the regular goodbyes, "see you tomorrow" or something like that. and then, there was one. 

WELL, that pretty much sums everything up. i hope you have enjoyed my explanation of my trip into Paris!

(not continuing............)

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