Mittwoch, 9. November 2011

Shock and Awe Part 2

After Le Louvre, our gigantic group walked toward the metro to go watch the Opera. on our way we passed street shops, AND we got our first glimpse of La Tour Eiffel. the enormous structure towering over the renowned city was one site never to forget.
at first sight, it seemed unreal. i mean, yeah we were in Paris, but it just still didn't feel like it. i seriously can not explain. it is a feeling that is unexplainable. everyone there got it. we kept saying to each other, "holy crap, we're in Paris. we are in Paris." we were all in shock and awe basically the whole of the trip. and when ever i see this picture, for example, i just go back to the moment that i first saw it. maybe you readers have experienced this too, so you might know what im talking about.
First glimpse

sadly there was a confusion during the time we spent at the museum or the pace we were at, so we ended up missing our chance to experience the Opera. instead, we went to the building which the Opera is housed in and is also the Academie Nationale de Musique (to the left <---) we were granted free time so a couple of friends and i sought out a cafe in the area. we finally found one, and the name is "Crepe World" and they lived up to my expectations and my friends. it was straight up stuffed pancakes. they were so freakin' good. once our bellies were satisfied, we went into a couple of stores. the prices were through the roof. they were almost too expensive. well, thats Pairs for ya, but almost in every shop reeks class so its obviouly fun to go in and try on all the clothes you can.
by then it was around 5ish so everyone was peckish so we traveled to a hill and climbed up SO MANY STAIRS. it was a literally marathon on stairs. i swear, my legs were cramping. and there are no ramps. once our group of 100+ finally finished climbed onto the hill were the Sacre Coure stands, we wandered down into the narrow streets. they were full of piano bars that lined both sides of the street. we walked until we found our restaurant: La Bonne Franquette.
Small street
it ended up having a piano! and i ended up playing
Our restaurant

 Fur Elise and Deaux Arabesques No. 1.

The group was aloud to roam for a little bit but then meet on the steps of the Sacre Coure. i went with a friend to search for items of interest, but some shops were closed so we back tracked then got VERY distracted when we spied one of the most beautiful sites of all. we found the view overlooking Paris, and on the side of our view was the Eiffel Tower all lit up. it was another of those "shock and awe" moments, and "holy crap im in Paris." it was an incredible site to behold. i will never forget it.  
after admiring the panorama that was laid out in front of us, we backtracked once more to the steps of the 
Night view from far away
monster church where more pictures were taken. we passed a music circle singing "Hit the Road Jack," (a very popular song here) which included a couple of guitars, drunk singers, and a harp. of all the instruments, a harp. so cool. 
the hike down wasn't all that bad from what i remember, and then we flooded into the metro station. it was a total chaos. our mighty rotary leader was roaring not to get on, then telling us to get on, then telling us not to. i think we gave France a good show of "EINSTEIGEN!!! NIEN!! NEIN!!! NICHT EINSTEIGEN!!!. ok! AUSSTEIGEN!!!!!" (translation: GET ON!!! NO!! NO!! DO NOT GET ON!!! ok! GET OFF!!!!!) it was very funny. we got off and emerged above ground to the site of porn shops and dance shows. yep, we were going to the Moulin Rouge. 
The Moulin Rouge

we arrived, saw the outside because we weren't aloud inside, cracked our jokes, talked, then headed back to our hotel. 

all and all, is was one hell of a good day. but that was only day one. 
(to be continued.......)


  1. wow you've attached more details then i have. but try to fit one day into a post xD
    - Love, Emma

  2. i usually write these at night so when it is late, i stop.