Sonntag, 13. November 2011

Shock and Awe Part 4

Last time on "Shock and Awe"............
(imagine this as a TV show flash back of the previous episode, but also include the pictures in your interpretation of this "flash back")
no bacon! reappearing bacon!! bus tour! drive by of the Eiffel Tower!! Arc de Triomphe! Versailles! gun shot! o.0
(end of flash back!) ......... we turned our heads to the loud bang only to see absolutely nothing but the foliage of the trees in the background. more shots were fired and we soon discovered that on some field that some people were doing an arms demonstration (hahaha fooled ya!! no, there wasn't any gun violence at Versailles. thank GOD). my friend and i wanted to go check it out, but it was to far off. and, getting lost was one of our favorite things to do. so we decided to start down one of the many paths with covered statues in their forever dignified positions, to the lake beyond. when we got to the lake we saw the famed statue of Apollo crashing up through the waters of the Grand Canal.

The lake beyond

it was a time well spent at Versailles. the ceiling art especially inside the castle was amazing. my friend made many panorama shots of most of them. they are so cool. but i wish we had gone in the the spring or the summer because it was a grey Versailles that we saw, and i don't want grey being my memory of the palace.
next stop, i remember going to was the restaurant near the hotel. this time there was no piano, no planned entertainment. i felt like drawing, so drew this:
My Drawing of the Eiffel Tower (free hand)
the food we had was lasagna, which wasn't that bad, but my mothers lasagna is SOOOOOOO much better. i enjoyed it all the same. the dessert came, and i think it was ice cream. maybe it wasn't. i don't think it tasted that good, so thats probably why i don't remember it. afterwards we departed the restaurant and headed down under to the metro to bombard yet another subway with our exchange student mob. we were riding for a while, then walked out onto a plaza that was unfamiliar to us all. well, not to the two french exchange students that were with us, but to most of our group. 
what happened next was probably the best part of the whole trip. and there, ladies and gentlemen, i will stop for now. this will continue next time on "Shock and Awe Part 5" coming soon, to a theater near you.
(to be continued..........)

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