Donnerstag, 10. November 2011

Shock and Awe Part 3

apples here Germany, are mostly mushy and gross. ive only had a couple of good crisp apples here. its just a warning for those who are unaware of this......... disappointment  

the next morning i got a fairly good sleep, and got my self ready to go gorge myself on breakfast. being in France, i suspected the breakfast to be a croissant, other bread, spreads, fruit, and other unknown french hotel "gourmet" wonders. as i entered the buffet, i spied an egg tray (the eggs were literally paper mache) and an empty tray next to it. to my horrible dismay, the tray had contained BACON. ALL OF IT GONE. WHY!? i was so upset. but luckily when i went back for seconds, the tray was overflowing with the beautiful, gorgeous, crispy right of the oven hotel bacon. it tasted so good, only because it was the first time having it in a long time.
Drive by
after the nutritious meal that i just had, we got on our bus, and had a bus tour around the city of Paris. the tour was all in german, so i understood some of it. there was only one rule: if we fell asleep, we would not be able to go on the euro-trip in the spring. most people stayed awake after that; only our oldies fell asleep (exchange students who have been here since january). we traveled passed lots of old churches, libraries, and got a closer look at the Eiffel Tower. every one was in a commotion trying desperately to get a snap photo of the wondrous site. we soon passed it not knowing when we were going to gaze upon it's beauty again. i think we circled it once more then traveled far away from it.
we soon came into view of an arcing structure, as we made our way down the Av. des la Grande Armée.
Drive down the avenue
we saw before us the Arc de Triomphe towering before us. it was similar to when we saw the Eiffel Tower, the feeling of "we are in Paris."
we got free time, so my friends and i decided to try at the giant round-about but we soon found about that you cant cross, but there is an underground passage. we reached the top and then we were underneath. i mean, it isn't AS cool as the Eiffel Tower, but the architecture is amazing. after our sightseeing, we made our way down the famous street Champ de Elysée, and looked for food (of course we would). we had baguettes with the foreground of the Arc. it was so great. soon we clambered onto our bus, and made our way to the grand castle of Versailles.
most people on both buses just crashed on the bus ride there, and i was one of them. it was really the only time we could sleep at that moment. i had no idea that Versailles was so far outside Paris center. i got all the rest i needed. when we arrived, our group got off out in front of the golden gates of the old esteemed castle.
The Golden Gates
we waited for a little bit, while our chaperones got their wits together to get us inside the castle. never the less, we got in, and were let loose off our leashes to sniff out amazing artifacts, art, and history all in one building. the castle is very stunning with all its ceiling paintings and its tapestries. but mostly i was looking forward to the gardens outside. even though its november, the gardens were very cool. mostly the designs of some of them. as my friend and i meandered through the court yard and into flower-vacant gardens, gun shots were heard and we turned our heads to look...........
(to be continued..........)

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