Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

Weihnachtsmarkt im Duetschland

hi! sorry i haven't written about anything in a while.
in the next few posts, there will be a lot of info about what i have done in the past few weeks starting with this one. so, without further adieu, i will dictate to you all what my adventures and findings have been.

in Germany, there are the infamous christmas markets. they are so fun to go to. (it is like fiesta for those gloucester, ma folk) they consist of many stalls of accessories, lanterns, glass animals, hats, gloves, wooden toys (like the ones in waldorf), glühwine, which very tasty, christmas carols playing from the pine boughs and streamers spanning across the street. and there is SO. MUCH. FOOD. there is so much good food there. there are these fried dough balls with powdered sugar on top, and it is soooooo delicious. of course there are the bratwurst which is always good, then the candy stalls with literally gummy everything, and candied apples and cotton candy, and these giant cookies with writing on them. for the record, i think they are a waste of money; and much, much more.

so enough of the food.
there are two kinds of markets. the modern, and the old fashioned. at the more modern christmas markets, there are small amusement park rides. but in every one, there is a ferris wheel. in some, there are huge ones, but in the one in Potsdam, Germany, it is pathetically small.  there are so many markets in Berlin. they are all very interesting (at the end of this i will put up pictures. have no fear). so on to the old fashioned ones. its all the same, but no rides. the one i went to i had to pay, which was ridiculous. its was small, had all the same vendors as everyone else, but there were actual restaurants constructed inside the complex. there was a live nutcracker ballet performing. i think there were about 5 actors/tresses. it got boring so we left.

hold on, hold on, time out. i just want everyone to know that i just had one of the best dinners in a long time. it was mashed potatoes with green beans wrapped in i want to say bacon, yeah it was bacon. it was also with sausage and salad. it was so good.

ok back to where i was.
so christmas markets are very cool, it is unique german culture. the germans celebrate christmas way different then anyone else. its cool, and fun to walk around in. but i have to say, the most creepiest things about these markets, are the talking, and singing animals around the area, or street where the market is established. i hate them. in Potsdam, there's a giant talking moose head which scares the crap out of most everyone. and he also has very bad english.
oh! there is also a guy who dresses up as St. Nikolaus and traps people into taking a picture with him, then purchasing the picture. i don't like him.
here are the pictures:

Potsdam Christmas Market

Potsdam Christmas Market

Potsdam Christmas Market
When The Sun Is Down

I still don't know what this is
called, but its cool

The city of Berlin by while on a ferris wheel.

Christmas Market at Alexander Platz

And, here is one of those creepy talking animals.
This one is especially creepy because one eye is shut. Its a
drunk mouse
and one of my friends posted this on facebook. its the contrast of the english and german languages. i find it funny:

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