Samstag, 24. Dezember 2011

O Tannenbaum

on the 23rd of december, my neighbor, his son and i went out to get his and my host families christmas trees. however, we did that by rowing across the lake that is next to the house. the rowboat could fit about 6 persons so it was a decent size. the way over way was actually very warm and there was no wind so it was smooth. it was my second time out on the lake, the first time it was fall and the foliage was at its best. but what do you know, i forgot the camera. but here are some photos:

ANYWAYS, we didnt cross the lake and chop one down (which i hoped to do, but it would have been illegal), we went to a tree lot. no, it wasnt on the water, it was across a busy street. so the trees there are not the 7, 8 footers that im used to. they are about 2 meters, or  about 6 feet tall. it surprised me, so i wondered if the world is running short of trees. here is a picture of the trees:
The trees

FACT: every year in Germany, 25,000,000 christmas trees are sold. 25 MILLION!! i was blown away by that. i mean, so much for "going green."
in the lots there is kind of a rating system, where depending on what the value or condition of the tree is.
Here are the prices, and if its a "T" tree, then its a good one

but we purchased two very nice looking trees that are about my height, and rowed back home.

now its all decorated and up on a stool so it can tower over all of us. we decorated it with ornaments and candles:

and now, on christmas eve, it is lit:

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