Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Skiing Part 2

we were there on the mountain above the town of Scoul for 5 days; 4 straight days skiing. now are more pictures! but these first 5 are never before seen by man. why are they never before seen? because they are NOT on Facebook. why are they not on Facebook? because once they are on Facebook, then they will be there forever and they will be Facebook's property. why do i say that, because i listen to my mother, and she knows what's up.

so here they are:

and now ones that are on Facebook:

This one has such a great view, and it has awesome trials. the powder here is superb.

I felt like editing this one. cool?

People hike up the mountain then ski down as you can see the tracks. I sadly didn't get
the opportunity because there had been recently many avalanches.

This here is the best powder i have ever skied on. The legs
kill afterward, but its totally worth it.

I really like this one because you can see on and on into the distance. but the lift here is called a "Schlaufe lift" meaning hanger lift. ( it looks like a clothes hanger) But i have a different name for it. I call it the Schlampe lift. it means bitch lift because i had so much trouble riding up it. I once fell off and gave up and climbed all the way back up. I therefore hiked the Alps. 

The first star

The moon and its accompanying star

The moon. From what looks like the surface of the moon.

This was our final day on the mountain. I kid you not, this is all snow and cloud that you are seeing. 

The Swiss flag

A better example of how snowy it was. You can actually see something,

This is the map of the mountain we were on. 

The town of Scoul

Over the misty mountains
and that concludes this post. all i have to say is go ski the Alps. if you are not a skier, then try snowboarding (but skiing is better) or just go and gaze at these earth made colossuses. so, see ya!

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