Montag, 9. Januar 2012

Skiing Part 1

Hello people! since it has been vacation from Christmas until after New Years, and now school has started, i have "taken a break" from writing the blogs. well except for the one about new years. but now im gonna talk skiing.

it was about 12 am christmas morning and im still awake contemplating whether to get sleep or just stay up. the reason for that is at about 1:30 am we would climb into the car and stroll straight into the Swiss Alps. pretty exciting huh. i cant thank my family enough for the amazing experience i had. damn, i want to go back.

 SO ANYWAY.........

we get in the car and the last thing i remember before waking up again is driving down my dark cobblestone street. after that i continuously drifted on and off from sleep seeing only the sleeping bag i was resting my head on and the dark world at what ever hour it was. then finally i arose and i was close to deaf because of the altitude we were at and i gazed out the window:
What I woke up to
and i stayed awake to witness some of the grandest mountain ranges of the world (more pictures):

Sun rising over the mountains

A better view of it

the four of these are from about 6-7:30 ish am. i could not keep my eyes off the mountains. they are nothing like i have ever seen. nothing like New Hampshire. the White Mountains are wimps to these giants. 

the surroundings kept changing and there are these really long tunnels that cut straight through a mountain. here is a picture:
It just goes on forever

after many tunnels, we came out into the mountains where we would be spending the next few days. 

so here, it is just going to be pictures explaining my trip with the exception of side notes. if i described it all in words, i would have a novel. here it goes: 

Just a small village

The ride up

One of the views

That is the hut i stayed in


The sun was setting. 
more pictures coming right up!

to be continued.........

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