Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

Winter is Coming

i woke up this morning to meet my friends in Berlin for the Rugby World Cup. my bus was at 8:50 in the morning and lately Germany has been having a very VERY cold october. so i step outside and cringe as the freezing morning air came to me all at once. it was about 29˚F and frost was everywhere, and the sun hadn't risen yet. my breath clung to the air as did the frost on the grass. as i walked to the bus stop, i thought, "if october is this cold, how cold is it going to be in november and let alone the rest of winter??" it was not a happy thought.
Sunrise at around 7am

The frost that covered the ground at 8:30am

 i got out at the potsdam hauptbahnhof and saw many people with thin jackets and some only hoodies. wow. these germans are tough. in the heat of the summer, they do not have air conditioning and no ice cubes, and in the frigidness of winter they wear no jackets it seems. winter is coming my friends, and we best be preparing for it.

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